A success story from the Job Orientation Desk

A success story from the Job Orientation Desk

B. is a 34-year-old man of Algerian nationality who arrives at our Center in June of this year, asking for an initial job orientation interview because he is looking for a job.

He had just arrived in Italy, less than a year, and was living in a reception center as an asylum seeker.

With a rich professional and human background, B. already had a long working experience in his country of origin in the construction, mechanical and agricultural sectors, as well as having been a volunteer for the defense of human rights in favor of people discriminated against due to their ethnicity and orientation politic.

Together with the previous skills in Berber, Arabic, English and French, B. had also learned the Italian language during the previous months of stay in Italy, in which he had also followed a course for agricultural workers and a pizzeria laboratory: the desire and the willingness to integrate into the country of arrival and to undertake a path of autonomy were evident.

The INTERSOS Lab Job Orientation Desk, after supporting him in his orientation to the job market in Italy and in drafting his curriculum vitae, and considering his skills and ambitions, called him for an interview with a building company organized at the our Center.

B.'s profile, together with his seriousness and availability, greatly impressed the company: after the interview, in fact, he was offered a job contract as a construction worker.

B. today is also looking for a training course to further improve his profile and have more opportunities, also supported in this sense by the operators of the INTERSOS Lab desk.