Digital Communication and Social Media Marketing: 15 March-15 April

Digital Communication and Social Media Marketing: 15 March-15 April

The first edition of the Digital Communication and Social Media Marketing course will start on March 15th and will end on April 15th with a full-time day offered in hybrid mode: remotely or face-to-face at the Training Center, for those who want to .

Held by Mariangela Molinaro - Social Media Manager, visual storytelling and responsible for online communication and advertising for INTERSOS -, the aim of the course is to allow the development of skills in the use of tools, platforms and tools for communicating online and in the effective planning of fundraising campaigns.

In a landscape in which the role of social media is increasingly central, it is necessary to be able to exploit its potential to carry out one's mission.

In the humanitarian world, for example, this has represented a revolution: the possibility for organizations to bear witness to the crises that media coverage obscures, also in order to influence the mass media, develop alternative narratives and create support for their actions in the world has represented a precious opportunity.

However, the risks of exposing your non-profit to a large audience are significant and a clear awareness of what you want to communicate, how to do it and the goals you want to achieve must be nurtured and constantly looked after.

In this sense, a professional use of social networks is necessary to achieve one's goals, whether they are to increase the visibility of one's organization, strengthen its identity and credibility, raise awareness on the most relevant issues or promote fundraising campaigns.

Developing an effective communication strategy also by learning how to easily create and edit content such as photos, videos and texts that generate value and interest in the public on the one hand, and developing expertise in using digital fundraising tools on the other, represent important tools to bring more traffic to the site and social profiles of your non-profit, spread its mission and expand its range of action in the local, national or international context.

The course is aimed at those who are starting to embark on a professional path in this field and are interested in learning how to tell and bring out their association, their activities and the responses put in place to respond to people's needs online in a professional manner.

The importance given to the simulations of concrete cases, to make the theoretical part as close to reality as possible, remains a central feature of the INTERSOS Lab courses, at the end of which it is always possible, moreover, to take part in a presentation meeting with the Human Resources sector of INTERSOS Italy Mission.