To pursue equitable and accessible health for all

To pursue equitable and accessible health for all

INTERSOS Lab supports INTERSOS commitment to pursuing equitable and accessible health for all.

On World Health Day , INTERSOS Lab reaffirms its commitment to equitable and accessible health for all, which takes into consideration the most vulnerable and excluded people from treatment.

What is meant by Global Health?

Global Health is a fundamental human right which is defined not only as the absence of disease, but as a condition of physical and mental balance of the individual. In order for it to be fully realized and to become a priority of global action , it is necessary that this right corresponds to effective access to treatment. In fact, the pandemic has once again highlighted that certain groups of the population, which are most exposed to disease, have greater difficulty in accessing quality health services and the necessary treatments: for example, the countries of the Global South were the last to receive vaccinations against COVID-19, in prolonged times and in insufficient quantities.

INTERSOS is active worldwide in the health sector with projects that aim to guarantee access to vital, primary and secondary medical services , and to support local health systems. Last but not least, the projects launched in support of the COVAX initiative to support vaccination against the virus in areas of humanitarian emergency - specifically, in Nigeria and Yemen - with the aim of extending the vaccination campaign to the entire population, including groups more marginalized as refugees and displaced persons in refugee camps. As stated in the Report published a week ago, two years after the start of the commitment, the results have been particularly significant: in both contexts INTERSOS has reached over 100% of the expected target.

In Italy, INTERSOS Lab intervenes to support access to health care for the most disadvantaged categories of the population through the Psychological Support Desk, active at the centre, in the Ottavia district north of Rome, and through the implementation of projects which aim to raise awareness and disseminate fundamental knowledge and skills on mental health, on the first psychological support and on the territorial network of institutional services to which to contact for the need to receive treatment.

INTERSOS Lab is also present at the tables of GrIS Lazio - territorial group of the Italian Society of Migration Medicine - to encourage the emergence of critical issues relating to access to care for migrants, the dissemination of good practices and participation in regional and national to promote an advocacy activity involving territorial and institutional realities in order to put the most vulnerable categories, too often ignored and marginalised, at the centre .

As a training center , INTERSOS Lab also aims to provide a theoretical framework and operational tools for those who want to engage in humanitarian interventions at the forefront: the Social Medicine and Migrations course in Italy aims to contribute to the creation of a society and of a network of professionals who are attentive so that even their individual daily interventions aim at an effective inclusion of the most vulnerable people.

To stay informed about upcoming dates, consult the " Training " section of our website.

Global Health is a topic that must remain a priority if we want to aspire to a more equitable society: the right to health, in fact, is a fundamental human right and as such must always be guaranteed to everyone.