At the CAG an opportunity for young people to learn and use 3D printing

At the CAG an opportunity for young people to learn and use 3D printing

Since February, INTERSOS Lab has been hosting in its spaces the Center for Youth Aggregation (CAG) "Street XIV" of the XIV Municipality of Rome.

Implemented by the Don Calabria Institute, with the contribution of local street education and the support of the INTERSOS Lab educator, the CAG aims to represent a place of socialization and intercultural interaction of a recreational, educational, training and information nature in what is counted among the youngest Municipalities of the Capital.

Two afternoons a week are held at our regional campus in Ottavia in which boys and girls aged 12 to 17 take part and give shape – as participants and protagonists – to numerous activities, always conceived, designed and organized with their participation in horizontal, cooperative and non-judgmental group contexts.

With a view to intercepting the needs of the teenagers involved and identifying cases of hardship, the goal is to develop social cohesion and enhance the potential of the teenagers and their families, supported in this sense also through the activation counseling and psychological support desk.

The intercultural approach is central in the implementation of the project: wanting to encourage the involvement and inclusion of adolescents of foreign origins present in the area and, more generally, the promotion of a culture of acceptance and integration, linguistic mediation -cultural is an indispensable tool and always present during the activities of the CAG

These range from scholastic support to carrying out recreational and sporting activities , as well as outings in the area to participate in events or visit monuments and places of art. However, there are also activities closer to the field of training designed for the young participants of the Center for Aggregation: among these, the 3DPocket course - Design in your pocket , which aims to provide an introduction to the modeling and production of works in 3D printing.

Born from a proposal by Tuma Studio Benefit Corp., the idea was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by the operators and the boys of the CAG: the opportunity for them to develop design and practical skills by trying their hand at the conception and design of customized products through the use of digital manufacturing represented an opportunity not to be missed.

The course so far has seen its realization in two days during which, working on the theme of the gadget for the transformation of the product from pocket to wearable, the boys and girls of the CAG were able to experience the exploratory dimension of design and the active one of manufacturing digital.

During the first day, the introductory course "Design is in your pocket" allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the tools and then, starting from everyday objects they currently own, reflect on the value of the project behind each product or material in their possession and, finally, to design and create further "wearable" objects through the use of online platforms for CAD modeling and the filament printers made available.

The second day, in which the "Design is for everyone" course was presented, instead involved the participants in an inverse process through the design and creation from scratch of gadgets that cannot be traced back to something in their possession and to be given as a gift loved one. From this activity costume jewelery objects were born, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, as well as small collectible animals: all products developed, designed and created by themselves around their own wishes and needs.

Furthermore, the participants of the CAG were given the opportunity to continue to implement their skills in the design and creation of objects and study with respect to design elements and the use of new platforms thanks to the donation of four printers by Tuma Studio , present and freely usable at INTERSOS Lab, and to the support of the operators of the Center who participated in the training activities.