Il Bullone

Il Bullone

Il Bullone is a newspaper, but also -and above all- a non-profit foundation dealing with children who have or have lived the experience of disease (cancer, anorexia, HIV, rare diseases, etc.), but who have forcefully gone further, rebuilding their future through union, work and determination.

Il Bullone is also a monthly magazine created together with the B.Liver and the Director, Giancarlo Perego. A newspaper which can be an inspiration for young people for its key topics of the society from interviews from life testimonials. Since 2021 Intersos Lab has been collaborating with Fondazione Near Onlus, a foundation working with B.Liver, children suffering from serious and chronic diseases, and from the synergy with their staff was born the idea to start a writing workshop that would allow students to tell their personal stories and their countries stories. 

For students who wish, it is possible to participate in the editorial meetings, interviews and meetings organized and publish their articles once a month in the newspaper Il Bullone, the project of the Fondazione Near, inside the column "Lettere da mondi diversi". 

Writing in the newspaper is also an occasion for students to get the badge as a social journalist. 

From the Writing workshop was then created a Podcast, a mix of storytelling and information aimed at spreading testimonies and important information on many topics about migration. 

You can read a B.Liver and Intersos Lab students story published at “Il Bullone” here.